Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Location, location, location . . .

I've no idea about the etymology of the phrase, although I've always heard it in connection with real estate values.  It makes sense.  The better the location, the higher the value.  What I wouldn't give to be where the runner in today's blog picture is. . . ideal conditions, ideal location.  Today however, and tomorrow as well, we should have sun and 70+ degrees.  Today is an Easy run of 40-60 minutes followed by Strides, Core, Stretch.  Tomorrow a workout TBD.  Game ball today, perhaps several.  Team pictures tomorrow at 2:00 on the sub-varsity soccer field.  Don't be late, Boss Moss yields a big stick!

Yesterday's meet revealed some strengths of our league opponents.  Plymouth North, like Hingham and Duxbury, are deep.  The meet also exposed some of our weaknesses . . . you guessed it, we are not deep.  Talent, right now, is at a premium, but I am hopeful, confident even, that our numbers and potential will have our teams more competitive in the years to come.  But yesterday's losses were not my biggest disappointment of the day.  I rushed home, entered all the results, wrote my news item, and got to sit down for the Celtics game at about 4 minutes in.  Within seconds Gordon Heyward went down, and so did I after the Cavs moved to a 16 point lead.  The game and the potential for a real blowout put me to sleep.  ZZZZZzzzzzzzz.  I woke later to see the game had been tied and watched the closing moments of a surprisingly close game.

At this point in our season, you can all fall asleep if you choose to do so.  Running can be exhilarating.  It was for me.  Victories fuel effort and exuberance.  I know that.  But if you decide to lie down now you may miss the most exciting part of your season, just like I missed that comeback last evening.  Soon enough we'll be cutting our rosters down to 10 Boys, 10 Girls.  Yesterday, I threw out the challenge for you to run your best.  Many of you did.  Today I'll do it again.  Work hard, very hard, during the next two weeks, maybe you'll join that group at the top, designated for post-season championship running.  Fall asleep and you just may miss a great PANTHER comeback . . .

See you at 2:30 . . .

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Whitman-Hanson versus Plymouth North

To say today did not go as I had it scripted might not surprise you, but the press release and results follow:

Whitman-Hanson Boys Cross Country (3-3) traveled to Plymouth North only to lose 21-40, behind the Eagles 1-2 combination of NickMcNamee (1st; 13:38) and Bryan Ryder (2nd, 13:58.)  Seniors Andrew Newman (3rd, 14:22) and Jack Ryan (4th, 14:38) were Whitman-Hanson's top two finishers.
Whitman-Hanson Girls Cross Country (2-4) lost to Plymouth North 23-32 on the Eagles 2.65 Mile course.  Liz Marshall led the way for the winners (1st, 16:47) while Senior Captain Nicole Norve (2nd, 17:04) led the way for the visiting Panthers.
 Boys Lose 21-40    2.65 Miles

3.  Andrew Newman, 14:22
4.  Jack Ryan, 14:38
11. Liam Cafferty, 15:28
12. Cam Wilson, 15:32
14. Theo Kamperides, 15:44
15. Alex Uva, 15:45
16. Adam Solari, 15:45
19. Brandon Hager, 15:58
24. Chris MacDonald, 16:42
25. Matt Avery, 16:48
26. Nick Hanley, 16:49
29. Shane Schraut, 17:56
32. Aiden O'Brien, 17:58
33. Dyllan Burns, 18:10
35. Caleb Parkinson, 18:14
38. Austin Wallace, 20:03
39. John Hagan, 20:07
40. Bryan Tyrie, 20:14
41. Reed Watson, 20:19
42. Dominic Uva, 20:40
44. Justin Guilmet, 21:58
45. Owen Vallancourt, 22:26
46. Patrick Hughes, 23:00
47. Bennett Evans, 23:14
48. Aiden McCarthy, 25:39
49. Cameron Lindsay, 27:31
50. Edward Acorn, 35:23
51. Nick Bowden, 38:19

Girls lose 23-32

2. Nicole Norve, 17:04
6. Julia Cosgrave, 18:36
7. Camryn Boyce, 18:44
8. Maeve Rooney, 19:31
9. Dorothy DiMascio-Donohue, 19:42
11. Maeve McDonough, 20:05
15. Tori Carleton, 21:08
16. Tasha Bui, 21:18
17. Madison Navicky, 21:47
18. Chloe WIlson, 21:47
23. Allison Bartlett, 22:30
24. Julia Donovan, 22:47
25. Niki Kamperides, 22:48
26. Alex Zaniewski, 22:49
28. Emily Hunt, 22:57
30, Grace Borski, 23:10
31. Sara Jacobs, 48:17

Think of the possibilities

If you read the blog regularly, you've previously seen the phrase in today's byline . . . think of the possibilities.  Last time we ran at P-North, our top men's runner placed first and the top woman set a new course record.  Can we improve on that today?   Improve? No.  But we don't need to improve on a meet held two years ago in order for today to be a successful trip.  The P-North course is 2.65 Miles.  That alone should boost your confidence.  Every one of you has run a several 5Ks this year.  Some of those in the grueling heat.  Today, the weather forecast for the shorter course is sunny and 58 degrees.  Ideal.  I am making the challenge for YOU to challenge yourself today.  Do not be the guy (or the girl) who, following today's race, says "I could have done better."  Give it your best.  Anything less flies in  the face of everything our sport represents.  From Day 1 we have set and reinforced a "goal oriented" philosophy.  What is your goal for today?  Lower you pace time?  Finish ahead of a particular teammate or opponent?  Strong finish?  Whatever your goal, get out there and accomplish it!

See you at 2:15.  Wear your uniforms on the bus, we may make a quick stop on the front field for team pictures with Sue Moss.   

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday October 16, 2017

Tomorrow we travel to Plymouth North in what looms as a real challenge for both squads.  Talented and well coached, Plymouth North, although a D2 school, should provide you and the coaching staff with an idea of where we stand within our own Division.  The upcoming Twilite Meet, while interesting and a highlight of our season, is an Invitational in which our top 10 runners (i.e. those who will be on the EMass roster) will be split up among the Varsity, Sophomore and Freshman races.  Team scoring at the Twilite, for me anyway, is irrelevant.  Today will be short and easy with strides, core and stretch.  See you all at 2:30 . . .

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thursday; Friday; Saturday runs

Thursday: Warm up at 2:30, 10 minute easy pace around front field perimeter to back of school, 400s in the area of the retention pond in groups from last week.  # of reps - Coach George group 8, Coach S group 7, Coach Berens group 6.  Return to Track with 10 minute run at easy pace via same route for core and stretch.

Friday: Warm up at 2:30.  Stretch.  30 minute easy run to Birch Bark and return. Fun Friday will be a Treasure Hunt with 4 groups.

Saturday:  Long run at Burridge Pond starting at 8:00AM

AfterMATH; October 11, 2017; Remainder of the week

Yesterday's wins at Silver Lake, while convincing, were a little slower than our estimation.  We knew going in the probability of success, but statistics show our mile paces were down.  But in the end, it is the final tally that is important, and the finished product was impressive.  Prior to the meet, you were reminded multiple times the course is complex.  A number of you were still confused and that resulted in some slower times.  But that problem is behind us now and we must prepare for the Championship portion of our season . . .

Happy General Pulaski Day!  Obscure reference?  Well, tomorrow is Indigenous Peoples' Day. In Cambridge anyway.  Enough for today's history lesson.  Silver Lake is history and next week we have a tough, tough meet at Plymouth North.  Tough team.  Tough 2.65 Mile course.  Last time we visited PN . . . Lukas Moscoso edged Nick McNamee for the win and Samantha Coletti set a new course record for the girls!  Think of the possibilities.  Today will be an Easy run for all of varying distances and times.

Thursday will be a TBD workout.  Fun Friday will follow.  Saturday will be a long run at Burridge.

See you all at 2:30!