Monday, October 21, 2019

Let the fun begin

Today we commence the best part of the XC season.  Q/NQ and WH mutually agreed this week's meet would be canceled, so it's on to the Patriot League Championship and the Eastern Massachusetts Championship.  Yesterday I began my own 'search for the holy grail" by traveling out to Gardner, the site of this year's All-State Meet, visiting "friends" and sites along the way.  At the local Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord (not the one I sometimes speak of) I climbed Author's Ridge to visit with Henry and Nathaniel (Louisa and Ralph, as well) and as I did thought about an even more difficult climb at the Gardner Municipal Golf Course which I know all of you hope to make in November.

Unfortunately, only a select few can make that trip.  But, I am absolutely convinced that some of you WILL make that trip.  IF you are willing to put the effort in over the next three weeks.  The Patriot League Championship is coming up this Saturday at a time to be determined.  It will be held in Marshfield.  Not on the course we previously ran this fall, but a course similar to the Twilight Meet.  We will begin preparing with a workout today, followed by another on Wednesday.  Be ready to work very hard.  More difficult workouts and EMass follow and then . . . who knows.  Somebody a heck of a lot smarter than me said, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it."  Make the dream a reality.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Twilight Meet - October 18, 2019

Much of the information concerning tonight's Twilight Meet can be viewed at the following link:

The actual address of the venue is 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway, Route 151, East Falmouth, MA  02536

The location of the meet as shown on a map can be viewed at the following link:*rlnPpz4lP5U2nr8LY2X0wRkXXacPw6ziem8BhB8*ZlYkpJylXSRfNVoFJv7wOMwtC%21gXvdxi0THWhYcC%2122&plvar=0

FYI - ALL the athletes have been entered but have been cautioned that they should not run if they are certain they are unable to meet the time limits set by the MSTCA for their race.  These time limits are shown in the MSTCA link above.  Specific entries are shown below:

Varsity Boys: Hager, Hanley, Solari, Cafferty, Kamperides, MacDonald, Tassey
Varsity Girls:  Boss, Carleton, N. Kamperides, Miller, Boulger, Flynn, M. Kamperides
Sophomore Boys: Carron, Caterer, Haboub, Johnson, Mulligan
Freshman Boys: Craven, Jones, Lindsay, O'Sullivan, Young
Freshman Girls: Bailey, Keddy

All others are either JV Boys or JV Girls.  If there are any questions, concerns, comments, please see me.

The threat of Triple-E is still with us.  I will have repellant but it may be a good idea to bring some as well. Before and after your race stay covered up.  The weather will be ideal for running, but not ideal for post-race.  Bring a change of clothing and more importantly, dress appropriately for the chilly, evening, autumn weather you can expect.

Everybody knows the rules regarding transportation.  You depart school on the bus at 2:30 and arrive at the venue.  You depart the venue on the bus unless your PARENT speaks with a coach, or if your parent is NOT in attendance you have a note or your parent provides a direct text to me allowing you to travel home with another PARENT.  You will not be allowed to leave with boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. unless your parent is on the premises and walks you to his/her car.  This is not negotiable.  This is a night time event a long way from home. YOUR SAFETY IS MY PRIMARY CONCERN.

I think that covers it . . . see you at 2:30.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Whitman-Hanson vs. Silver Lake/Scituate

The following was sent to the media and administration following today's meet:


In a tri-meet held Tuesday at Silver Lake Regional, the Whitman-Hanson Boys Cross Country team improved to 5-3 with wins over Silver Lake (18-45) and Scituate (22-39).  Junior Theo Kamperides finished first overall on the 2.81 mile course in a time of 16:14.  Also scoring for the Panthers were Sophomore Nathan Tassey (16:58), Junior Chris MacDonald (17:08), and Seniors Adam Solari (17:09) and Nick Hanley (17:26.)


At Silver Lake Tuesday afternoon the Whitman-Hanson Girls Cross Country team (3-5) split a tri-meet, losing to Silver Lake 18-41 but downing Scituate 19-44.  Sophomore Myah Kamperides was the top Panther finisher placing 3rd overall on the 2.81 Mile course in 20:09.  Also scoring for the Panthers were Junior Bryn Miller (20:48), senior Tori Boss (20:57), Sophomore Anna Flynn (20:58), and Senior Tori Carleton (21:02.)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


The following was sent to Administration and the media following today's meet:


Whitman-Hanson boys cross country (3-3) hosted an undefeated Duxbury team and lost a tight meet 26-29.  Overall winner was the Panthers Junior Theo Kamperides who covered the 5K course in 16:24.  Duxbury placed 4 of the next 5 places to seal the win.  Also scoring for Whitman-Hanson were Brandon Hager (4th, 16:53), Liam Cafferty (7th, 17:02), Nathan Tassey (8th, 17:02) and Adam Solari (9th, 17:03.)


Sophomore Myah Kamperides remained unbeaten in Patriot League competition but it wasn't enough for the Panthers (2-4) who dropped its meet 20-35 with Duxbury at home Tuesday afternoon.  Kamperides posted a time of 20:14 on the 5K course for the win, but Duxbury took the next 5 places.  Others scoring for Whitman-Hanson were Bryn Miller (7th, 21:30), Anna Flynn (8th, 21:41), Victoria Boss (9th, 21:45) and Niki Kamperides (10th, 21:48).
Complete results can be found at the following link:

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Whitman-Hanson versus Hingham/Pembroke @ Hingham

The following was sent to Administration and the Media following our meet at Hingham today:


In a tri-meet at Hingham Tuesday afternoon Whitman-Hanson (3-2) fell to Hingham 25-30 while winning over Pembroke 15-50.  Junior Theo Kamperides finished first overall for the Panthers in a time of 16:09 over the 2.98 mile course.  Also scoring for the Panthers were Sophomore Nathan Tassey (5th, 16:42), Senior Brandon Hager (7th, 16:54), Junior Liam Cafferty (8th, 17:06) and Senior Adam Solari (9th, 17:08.)


Sophomore Myah Kamperides finished 1st overall in a tri-meet at Hingham Tuesday afternoon.  Kamperides covered the 2.98 Mile course in 19:47.  But Hingham placed the next 9 runners to win 20-43.  Whitman-Hanson (2-3) downed Pembroke 15-50. Also running well for the Panthers were Anna Flynn (21:06), Niki Kamperides (21:07), Bryn Miller (21:24) and Victoria Boss (21:48.)

Full Results of today's meet can be found at the following link:

May the Best Man/Woman Win

I can't imagine why the phrase repeated itself in my mind 20 times before I arrived at the office this morning.  Ordinarily, it comes to mind post-competition when I analyze the available data and determine the reasons behind the outcome. I'm usually left with "the best team won."  But today I'm thinking this pre-race and frankly, wondering why. Obviously the expression lends itself to the beginning of a competitive event.  The intent is also obvious. The person, or in this case the team, which truly deserves to win should do so.  It's the fundamental element of good sportsmanship.  It may not necessarily be the fastest or the strongest or the most skilled who prevails.  But it should be the most deserving.

And perhaps that is why the phrase "may the best man/woman win" is in my head today.  A few weeks back I made an effort to jot down some of the favorite teams I've had the opportunity to coach.  It took only a couple of minutes to determine my favorites consisted of teams that weren't simply successful but actually deserved to win.  The effort exceeded the ability in most cases. The attitude in general was always positive. The respect and admiration the players or runners had for their teammates and opponents was evident.  All traits which describe the 2019 edition of WHRHS XC.  All those teams did precisely as asked, cheerfully.  In fact most, if not all, wanted to do more than asked and like this year's teams, showed up every day wanting, needing, to improve.

We have a long season, and we haven't yet passed mid-way. Ultimate "best" will not be determined today.  But today I'm going with "May the best man/woman win" because today nobody deserves it more than you.  

Friday, September 27, 2019

One Man's Opinion

Our team's most recent meet, resulting in losses to an extremely talented team, did little to dispel my feelings about our teams' ability.  But the overall success of the current Marshfield team did cause me to consider what traits can be found in successful distance runners.  And before you presume that this mystery is solved simply through heredity or body type, I believe the focus should be on personality traits.  My opinion is that anybody can become a great runner.  If they want to be.

I often speak of discipline in runners, but in truth discipline implies novice runners bring with them bad habits which we miraculously shift to good habits.  A late sleeper becomes an early riser or an unhappy person finds joy in running.  But we all know people who find success in training after they wake up at noon.  And I haven't seen a lot of smiles on the faces of serious marathoners.

Dedication can be constructive or destructive depending on the activity.  Commitment to academics is positive.  To a gang, negative.  Dedication can be important in running, but it is far more than just going through the motions each day.  Likeability is often a liability.  Humans can take advantage of generosity and cheerfulness. We have some wonderful people on our team, but that has little to do with how well they compete.  And we are all cynical to a degree.  Confidence while important, at times can lead to arrogance.  Thinking you're better than the runner next to you is not what makes an elite high school runner.  But enough of the negativity.  What is the most important trait of a successful runner?


Just one man's opinion.

You've already motivated yourself to start running.  You're headed in the right direction.  How many of your friends are turned off to running Cross Country because of the work involved?  All of us know somebody who has said that.  Each time you try to recruit a friend, do you anticipate that type of response?  Probably.  (But by all means keeps trying!)  Take a look at the successful runners on our teams as well as our opponents and it is increasingly evident the personality trait of self-motivation is the key ingredient.

I had a nice discussion with the Marshfield coach yesterday who alluded to the fact that while he may have fewer athletes, a higher percentage of those are finding success in running.  I would suggest that those individuals self-motivation gets them out there every day.  As an aside I also overheard Coach Sheppard telling his team today's practice would be an easy run on their own.  Do you think they'll do it?  Would you?