Monday, June 28, 2021

Off and running!

Spring Track competition concluded this past Saturday with a couple of terrific performances by Junior MVP April Keyes at the All-State Meet held in Norwell.  And yesterday, along with my grandson, we did our annual cleanup of the turf, track and the storage facility by our start/finish line.  Everything is now as we found it earlier this year when the Fall 2 season got under way.  That said, it is now . . . at last . . . Cross Country season!  And it gets under way formally on Tuesday evening (that's tomorrow kids) with Core at 4.  Strength and Conditioning.  

Most of you  have taken the past week+ off and are now ready for the adventure that is Cross Country.  I've heard from some requesting summer training plans.  Be patient, those will be available tomorrow at 4:00 for those who attend (it is voluntary, as you know).  Others will be contacted as we prepare for what we know will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.  Coach S, Coach Coletti and I are pumped for your breakout season.  PREPARATION is the key as you know.  BASE TRAINING over the first few weeks with gradual progression in mileage and pace.   WORKOUTS will be an essential element in this summers training, with HILL RUNS, TEMPO RUNS, and INTERVAL training mixed in along the way.  We also hope to return to WEIGHT TRAINING on a regular basis to keep you strong and more importantly, healthy.  

We have quite a few returning veterans and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we add more to our numbers.  Whether they be incoming Freshmen or others seeking a new and invigorating activity, we are ready to welcome them all.  Anybody reading this should include recruiting as part of their summer XC preparation.  Don't be discouraged when somebody tells you running is "too much work" or it is "too hard."  After all, it can be at times.  You know that.  But focus instead on the rewards running offers.  If you need help in explaining those rewards take a look at the article at the link: 

After reading that I wish I could get out there on a long run myself!!

OK . . . now that I'm back in the blog/social media scene (I'll be respectful, I promise) you'll want to check back regularly for more Distance Running/XC news, along with T&F items that arise along the way.  And coincidentally there is some news on that front.  As you know, we are holding Track and Field Clinics this summer.  We will be holding a meeting soon for those of you who will be part of what we hope will ultimately be a successful summer tradition.  More information on the summer clinic can be found at the following link:

If you know somebody who might have an interest, please let them know we're here.  We have a great week planned for each session.  Registration can also be made on the site.  

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions please don't hesitate to respond in this forum or contact me via email at or by text at 781-367-8487. Be sure to identify yourself in any text message.  

Can't wait to get started. Chomping at the bit.  I'm OFF and you need to start RUNNING  . . . See you all very soon!

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