Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Avoiding injuries

Some of the things we're doing this summer include weight training and slow, easy runs during June and July.  The emphasis is on safety and healthy conditioning as our Fall XC season approaches.  This morning I read an interesting article, in support of our approach which can be found at the following link:

Shin splints, runner's knee, thigh pain, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis can all be avoided or at least diminished greatly by following the program we've embarked upon. At last evening's strength and conditioning session, which included core and weight training, we again had 17 boys and girls who understand a slow buildup in mileage and weight training will prepare them for the fall.  For those kids there will be no "break in" or "ramp up" period in August and September.  They will be ready to compete at Martha's Vineyard having already worked through the discomfort that comes with starting a training program.  Why?  Because completion of the summer training program insures the athlete will be ready for the harder workouts when we start competition, and there will be little or no threat of injury because those athletes took advantage of this time to run and lift.  I strongly urge others to do the same.  We are there Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 4:00.  ALL are welcome to join us.  Putting off  your conditioning until the start of the season puts you weeks behind those already training.  An informal poll last night indicated those in attendance are putting in the suggested miles each day as well.  Some workouts are planned for the group in August, and they'll be ready for competition when it gets started.  For those who have not yet begun training, take heart.  Start now and you too will be ready when we convene August 23rd.  For those planning to start his/her program August 23rd, and we have those every year, you'll have every opportunity as well.  But as we saw last year, you may not be ready to perform to your capabilities until the season is about to end.  Avoid the disappointment.  Cross country is, as they say, a summer sport played out in the fall.

Congratulations to those who participated in the 4th of July Hingham Road Race.  Some WH alums were among the top 10 finishers while Myah and Savannah Kamperides, along with Alex Keheyias had impressive performances.  Each of our current student-athletes ran a smart race at a pace which took into consideration his/her current fitness levels.  I'm betting had this been a 4th of September road race following two months of summer training they would have performed even better.  

Preparation.  There is no substitute.  As fast or athletic as you are, or believe yourself to be, you only scratch the surface at the outset of a training program. Get out there.  Today.


Need additional motivation?  First look at our dual meet schedule:

9/9 vs. Quincy/North Quincy

9/14 @ Marshfield

9/21 @ Silver Lake

9/28 vs. Plymouth North

10/5 @ Hingham

10/13 vs. Duxbury

Do you really think you'll be in competition condition in 17 days (August 23 - September 9)?  The Mayo Clinic suggests you'll need 7 weeks . . .

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