Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016 (And update on XC Meeting)

I opted to run easy and early yesterday to miss the rain predicted for the balance of the day.  Consequently, I missed Andrew Newman's 17:53, 2nd place finish at the 7th Annual McGuiggan's 5K.  Don't worry about him peaking early, Andrew has promised he will be saving some of that energy for the Cross Country season! Six of the top 20 finishers were high school age and under.  Where will those kids be in August?  If you know them, please let them know practice starts August 25th.

If you've attempted the lunge matrix suggested in the June 1 entry you now know what I know.  The results are somewhat painful. But that discomfort will fade away after a few sessions and those muscles, so necessary for stability and performance, will not only get the attention they deserve, but the attention they will need if you hope to reach your maximum potential.  The article found at the following link regarding "the most important running muscle" says it better than I can ( or will!):

If you have not attempted the lunge matrix, check out the video in the June 1 entry.  It is probably in your best interests to get the pain out of the way earlier rather than later . . . we will be doing it in August.

I plan to ask Mr. Rodgers if we can hold a pre-season meeting on Thursday following school.  I'll apologize up front for the inconvenience of holding a meeting at that time.  Other sports hold their meetings following school, and frankly, trying to squeeze in 45 minutes of material into 15 minutes during classes is ridiculous. I know the dedication and commitment necessary to excel in our sport, an afternoon meeting can't be any more difficult.  Summer training will be the primary focus of the meeting, and as you experienced runners know, Cross Country is a SUMMER sport which plays out in the fall.  Attendance is therefore critical. Check back for confirmation and location of the meeting.

NOTE:  Just back from my own run, which I've entered on ETRAXC by the way, and can now confirm we will hold an XC meeting for Boys and Girls returning athletes and anybody even remotely interested in joining the team.on Thursday June 9 immediately following school in the Library.

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