Tuesday, September 6, 2016

With any luck we beat the rain

The local accuweather hourly forecast has the rain stopping at 2:00PM and returning at 4:00PM.  In between there will be plenty of time to accomplish our goals for today.  This will include a shakeout run . For more on this you can visit the following link:


We will follow that up with core, abs and stretching.  Then it is time to prepare yourself mentally for your race tomorrow.  Begin by visualizing yourself succeeding.  Think back to one of your better practices and workouts. You remember the feeling.  You ran comfortably, effortlessly.  You wished, perhaps only momentarily, that your run would not end. Imagine the finish line from 100 Meters out and your final drive toward reaching the goal you've set for yourself today.  Your teammates are cheering you on as you arrive and while you may be physically spent you manage a smile.  You've done your best today and this year's first race is in the bank.  And you can't wait for your next one . . .

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