Saturday, February 9, 2019

Patriot League Championship Results

And then there were . . . ?  We don't quite yet know how many athletes met the standards which will ultimately be set for entry to the Division 3 Championship.  In years past the qualifying times have been adjusted at season's end to insure all events are full, which generally means the standard is adjusted downward.  Coaches enter the names of those athletes who have either met the published standard or are close to it and may thus qualify when the standards are adjusted.  Our entries are due no later than Monday at Noon (they're already in!) and the Preliminary (in the event of errors) Performance List should be available later on Monday.  We will keep you posted.

Last night there were some extraordinary performances.  They can all be viewed at the following link:

The one group of kids I know that pays attention to the blog is the distance crew.  (It is after all a Cross Country blog.)  Congratulations to you on your results last evening.  Your hard work paid off.  But there is still work to be done.  Don't worry, you'll all get some time off before we return to spring track, but I'm confident some of you still have a race (or two) to run.  Your job this weekend is to get out there for a 45-60 minute easy run on one day, with the other day off.  You can plan on an easy day Monday so your run can be completed Saturday or Sunday.

And speaking of Spring Track . . . we hope to see more than a couple of new faces.  If you enjoy track, let others know.  Spread the word about the benefits of the sport and the enjoyment you take from it.  I don't know how many times this season I heard you say the day's workout was difficult but that you felt great once it was completed.  As removed as I am from running,  that is a feeling I will never forget.  If there is a heaven, surely running is involved . . .

Enjoy your run, see you Monday.

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