Sunday, August 14, 2016

I can't wait . . .

 . . . until tomorrow.  I did not run today and I feel like I HAVE to get out there.  I'm thinking a long run.  Possibly because I can't go fast any more, but just getting to it will be enough.  I'm restless because I also took a day off from abs and skipped a day of weight training.  I DID however work about 10 hours to fill the time (and the checkbook!)  Folks my age are supposed to retire from working - but I'll run as long as I can stand!

. . . until Tuesday.  It is the final week of Captains' strength and conditioning and it has been enjoyable.  The same faces each night, but it tells me we have some dedicated (as well as talented) kids.  Workouts have not been particularly strenuous, but I've enjoyed listening to some humorous stories and appreciate a few laughs each evening.  Thanks to those that show . . .

. . . until August 25th at 4:00 PM when we see who has signed on for this season.  I am always optimistic.  Sometimes I am disappointed in the numbers, other times amazed by them.  I am always delighted by the enthusiasm.  Regardless of the numbers, I am blessed to be a part of this program and will work as hard as I can to help you achieve your goals.

. . .until August 27th when we venture off the asphalt and the streets of Whitman and run at Burridge Pond.  I ran there alone this past weekend for 70 minutes and it was NOT one of my favorite runs of the summer.  What was missing was you.  Watching you challenge yourselves is far better than being the sole runner out there.  (Just a hint . . . wear socks that cover your ankles.  The sand is brutal!)

. . . until September 7th when we head to North Quincy for our first dual meet of the season.  The Q/NQ team has a couple of very good runners on both the Boys and Girls team and promises to give you a run for your money on the 2.5 Mile Pageant Field course.  2.5 - you all can do it!  The results should be interesting following 11 (not a typo) practices.

. . . (fast forward)  until October 25th when we host Plymouth South in our final dual meet of the season, after which the coaches will determine who will continue on in preparation for EMass at Wrentham on November, 12th.  I am already psyched to see who has the determination, coupled with the talent, to get there.  Honestly, it is what all of you should strive toward.

But today, you are all equals.  We don't pre-judge and there are no guarantees.  It is simply you against the clock.  The EMass list we may theoretically put together today is purely speculative.  You will be putting together the list over the next two and one-half months.  It wasn't long ago I suggested you get started as the beginning of the season was a mere 3 months off.  As I write, the END of your season is a mere 3 months off.  What have you done to prepare?  I can't wait . . . to learn the answer.

See you on the road . . .

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