Saturday, October 24, 2015

Changes to Twilight Meet Lineup

Unfortunately, not everybody will be able to join us for this evening's Twilight Meet.  For that reason a number of changes have been made our lineup.  There is a lot of down time between several races so I anticipate some of you may  wish to leave early.  Please don't leave without having a parent check in with Coach George or Coach Richardson.  If you wish to go home with another athlete's parent I'll need a note from your parent authorizing that travel.  No exceptions to that rule! 
The location for this evening's meet is Cape Cod Fairgrounds, 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway, East Falmouth, MA  02536
3:20  Boys 9th Grade – Cloutman, Mateus, Zaniewski
3:40  Girls 9th Grade  -  Zaniewski
4:00  Boys 10th Grade – Allen, Newman, Ryan, Tyrie, Uva, Wager, Wilson
6:50  Boys Varsity – Bukow, Duffey, Evans, Keenan, Kenney, Moscoso, Pulkinen
7:15  Girls Varsity - Boyce, Cosgrave, Daly, Newman, Norve, Perkins, Welch
If your name is not on the list above it is due to the fact you are injured, have not yet met the qualifying time or you informed me you would not be attending.  Those who have injuries or are not yet qualified are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to accompany the team.  Like a baseball or basketball game, not everybody gets to play, but all team members show up. XC should be no different, each member is as important as any other, whether they are in the lineup or not.
Some of you have very legitimate reasons for being unable to attend today's meet, others not so legitimate.  The following is intended for the latter.  While it has been my philosophy to worry about those who ARE in attendance, not those who ARE NOT, I admit to some frustration with the apathy of some team members.  Perhaps the following excerpt taken from the WH Athletic Handbook, which you are all charged with understanding and following, should be revisited.
After successfully trying out for a team and being selected to be a member of a team, Whitman-Hanson student-athletes are expected to attend all practices and games of that specific team. Weekend practices vary by sport and should be expected. High School athletics demand much more commitment than a club or recreational activity. Students and parents should be aware of the time commitment, and understand the dedication it requires prior to trying out for the team. This will often mean practices over vacations. Each coach is allowed to determine the penalty for missing practices, but our general rule at Whitman-Hanson is that if a student has an unexcused absence from practice, they will sit the next game. Of course there are many excused reasons for missing practices including: doctors appointments (we would like parents to do their best to schedule appointments that bring the least conflict), funerals, academic obligations (putting off a term paper until the last minute which then requires a student to miss a practice would not be excused), a legitimate illness (often times a student who misses a practice due to illness sits out the next game but not as a penalty. It is possible they missed important game preparation and strategy). Some of the reasons which are never excused are - ski trips, vacations, work, parties, concerts, sporting events, etc.

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