Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The following article* should be very helpful for some of you experiencing tightness and pain.  Fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, starts to shorten and thicken to protect the muscle damaged through running.  Shortened fascia adversely impacts your movement.  Foam rolling is the application of pressure to eliminate scar tissue by freeing up your fascia.  Fascia is all over your body.  Stretching and loosening this fascia allows you to move more freely, decreasing muscle and joint pain and making you a stronger, faster, less injury prone runner.

*   http://www.worldrunning.com/articles/why-runners-should-foam-roll/

One of the problems with an early workout, for example a 70 minute run at Burrage Pond at 8:30AM, is the that many of you jump out of bed at 8:00AM, get dressed, race to Burrage and then head out for some distance running.  Did we miss an important step in this process?  Yes, you're running on empty as they say.  As important as it is to eat prior to running or racing, what you eat is equally important.  The following article provides excellent advice on the timing and content of pre-race nutrition.  It is written by a runner with plenty of knowledge and experience who has a good grasp on when and what to eat before running.


I am confident these articles will help those who feel they are wearing down a bit.  I assure you the training to date has not been so intense that you are breaking down!  Over-training or under-training during the summer may be a factor, however.  Please take the time to discuss with me what you are feeling at this point.  If necessary, we can tweak our plan moving forward to get you comfortable and confident for the balance of our season.

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