Monday, October 12, 2015


I'm still here . . . just using the long weekend to catch up on things I've neglected over the past couple of weeks.  I woke up this morning with every intention of running at World's End but settled for Southfield.  Out on the downhill and back with a negative split, but neither time was too impressive . . . I had the waltz music on.  I've been thinking about alternatives now that the trails have been banned for our use.  I've worked at schools that have their own vans or a bus which make traveling to off-site venues easy, but we don't have that luxury.  We also can't have upperclassmen driving younger kids here, there and everywhere.  So we'll play the hand we've been dealt.  I'll listen to your thoughts if you care to share them with me.

It's Quincy on Wednesday at home.  Fourteen have been entered for the Bay State Meet in Westfield on Saturday.  There are restrictions on numbers and times.  We have a van for transportation which may be a tad crowded with even that number.  The fourteen are:

BOYS: Duffey, Evans, Kenney, Moscoso, Newman, Pulkinen, Ryan
GIRLS: Coletti, Cosgrave, Morse, Newman, Norve, Rooney, Welch

I have been assured we have a bus for the Twilight Meet coming up and the restrictions are not quite as narrow for that exciting event.  I hope to enter as many as possible in that meet.  But ALL are invited!  It is my favorite meet of the year (other than EMass/All State of course!)  

You can check a previous entry for tomorrow's workout.  After some feedback from a few of you over the past few days, I'll have some words on nutrition and other items of interest tomorrow.  For now though I have to get to one of those things I've neglected over the past few days . . . the MLB Playoffs.  With the Yankees and Orioles out of it there isn't a likable team in the bunch, but I've got to have a favorite . . . Go Cubs!!

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