Monday, October 26, 2015


The euphoria of the Twilight Meet has passed for the moment and it is back to business.  Whoa, backup just a bit . . . Game Balls for Saturday go to every runner with an asterisk following his/her time in the previous blog post!  Game Balls also go to Julia Donovan, Jessica Green, Bennett Evans and Khalil Haboub for coming out to cheer on their teammates.  We are as happy with their contribution as we are those who ran.

Tomorrow is a 2.5 Mile race at Hanover.  With the exception of 10 Boys* (who will also participate in tomorrow's race,) today's workout is a shakeout run at an easy pace of 25 minutes, followed by strides, core and stretching.

*Duffey, S. Evans, Keenan, Moscoso, Newman, Pulkinen, Ryan, Kenney, Uva, Wilson

*I am convinced after Saturday that the Boys have the possibility, the capability actually, of getting 5 runners to sub 17:00 at EMass.  Wrentham in many ways is similar to the Twilight course, i.e. rolling hills, multiple loops, solid turf.  Five under 17:00?  That is my goal. You should make it your goal as well.  Do that and if you finish out of the money it will still be the best season we could have imagined.  This will be a tough week.  But you should be ready for it.  By now you know my philosophy.  Keeping you healthy and strong for the final 3+ weeks of the season, building strength along the way, taking it up at this point, working on your speed, preparing you for the season's most important race. . . the D3 Championship scheduled for November 14.  I'll see you at 2:30 . . .

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