Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I enjoyed getting an early start to practice today, and absolutely loved watching those Middle School athletes run versus Silver Lake.  There are literally dozens of talented youngsters competing at this level, many of whom plan to continue running in high school.  The highlight of my day was watching the finish of the Girl's race won with a big kick by a pint-sized 6th grader who, after winning, stayed at the finish line "high-fiving" her teammates as they crossed the line and congratulating every member of the opposing team as well.  I look forward to coaching that young athlete and her teammates in the next few years.  Thank you to WHRHS team members who helped at the meet.   Ms. Costa and her staff are very appreciative of your valuable assistance.

Today was also an easy run for the team.  We'll be taking it up tomorrow with all team members doing a tempo run of 10/20/10.  Today I actually did tomorrow's workout and as I mentioned in an earlier post, music served as my timepiece.  Tomorrow, if you remain on school property, headphones can be worn .  I am again suggesting that you may wish to make a playlist corresponding with your Tempo run of 10/20/10.  Hundreds of articles have been published on the subject of how music can aid in your training.  I can tell you firsthand it works.  I once ran the Boston Marathon wearing an Ipod Shuffle with my entire Beatles collection in shuffle mode.  I was at Boston College before I knew it!  But the Marathon can not be confused with a tempo run.  You're looking for diversion in a race that long.  In a tempo run you are looking for motivation.  So I'll share today's playlist with you, knowing all too well, that none of you, and probably none of your parents can relate in any way to my music.  (Except Jack Ryan who brought much of the last millennium with him when he came into the world on the eve of Y2K!)

These are the Days of Our Lives - Queen (4:15)
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (6:22)

Dreams - Van Halen (4:54)
New Year's Day - U2 (5:35)
One Hit to the Body - Rolling Stones (4:44)
Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty (4:23)

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day (4:45)
Season's End - Marillion (8:10)

See you on the Track tomorrow at 2:30!

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