Monday, October 19, 2015


Today it's Hingham at Hingham High.  Two undefeated Boys teams, two Girls teams, each with a loss at Plymouth North.  It should be exciting AND fun!  Girls, be ready to go at 4:00, Boys be ready to go on command!  I know how you feel about this meet, but the Keenan Division of the Patriot League is not the be all, end all of our season. In fact, it is insignificant in relation to that which follows.  Remember our team goal of a good showing at EMass.  The summer training, the buildup, the strength training, and the speed training . . . all designed to get you to peak nearly three weeks from now.  So, at Hingham it will be all about experiencing running against a competitive opponent and then moving on from there. Saturday, we travel to the Barnstable Fairgrounds for a meet under the lights!

The Twilight Meet itinerary will be;

Depart WHRHS @ 1:00PM
Boys 9th Grade @ 3:20PM
Girls 9th Grade @ 3:40PM
Boys 10th Grade @ 4:00PM
Girls 10th Grade @ 4:25PM
Boys JV @ 4:55PM
Boys Varsity @ 6:50PM
Girls Varsity @ 7:15PM
Return to WHRSH @ 9:00PM

We've decided that Boys and Girls should run this meet with their peers.  That is, Freshmen will run the 9th grade race, Sophomores the 10th grade race, etc.  This meet. like tomorrow's, should be enjoyable and provide a good indication of where you stand with those from your own class.  It will be a great night.  I had planned to complete my own long run on Saturday morning, but with 7 races at the Twilight Meet I may have to limit my own Saturday running to darting back and forth on the Fairground course.  I get to see you at 5 points along the way, but it takes a bit of sprinting to accomplish.  Multiply that by 7 and we have one weary old guy!!  I'm glad I'm not driving . . .

Bus leaves tomorrow at 2:30, see you then!


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