Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Today it's back to where we started.  It's a recovery day so we'll go easy following yesterday's race and we'll head out as a team from the track, similar to what we did those final days in August, toward the Town Park via Franklin, South, and Park.  Those at the front will turn back once they've reached the Park.  Others will turn when the front of the pack reaches them.  As you arrive back at the school, runners will continue at an easy pace around the perimeter of the front field until all have returned.  We'll do our strides, some core work, and stretch. 

The lineup (subject to change) for Saturday's Twilight Meet follows:

3:20  Boys 9th Grade – Cloutman, Mateus, Zaniewski
3:40  Girls 9th Grade  - Rooney, Zaniewski
4:00  Boys 10th Grade – Allen, Newman, Ryan, Tyrie, Uva, Wager, Wilson
4:25  Girls 10th Grade – Boyce, Cosgrave, Green, Norve, Perkins
4:55  Boys JV – Bukow, Guilmet, Nihan
6:50  Boys Varsity – Duffey, Evans, Keenan, Kenney, Moscoso, Pulkinen
7:15  Girls Varsity - Daly, Newman, Welch

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