Thursday, November 12, 2015

THURSDAY, November 12, 2015

48 Hours . . . No, not the television show or the movie . . . 48 hours to Saturday's Boys race.  Rest tonight is critical to your performance.  There is the hypothesis that sleep two nights before a race is more important than the night before.  I can find no evidence that is the case.  Consequently my philosophy calls for two nights of good sleep before a race and in the event you have difficulty sleeping tomorrow night you'll have put tonight's sleep "in the bank."  Resist the junk food and fatty food over the next two days, they are difficult to digest.  You don't want to get to the starting line hungry, but you don't want to feel full or bloated either.  Make wise decisions regarding nutrition.  Despite the cool temperatures predicted, hydration is important, and that takes place in the days, not minutes or hours prior to a race.

As for running prep, today we go 30 minutes easy, 3-4 miles, on the terrain of your choice.  There may be some rain at 2:30 but the temperature should be warmer than yesterday when we all appeared comfortable. I was impressed with your 600's by the way.  Nobody is really in Track condition but your times were fast AND consistent.  I think you're ready!  See you on the Track at 2:30.

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