Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Time Off

If you were to research topics like, "How much time to take off between Track seasons" or "How much recovery time is required following peaking" you would probably learn that some time between seasons with no running activity helps in both the reparation process AND as an added bonus, your effectiveness in the season which follows.  Many of you will participate in a Winter sport (I'd love for it to be Indoor Track.)  Taking time off from running and other strenuous activity will renew your interest and help keep you injury free.  Studies show that once you are fit it takes two weeks of inactivity to adversely impact your level of fitness.  I've always felt that one week off is sufficient for recovery while allowing you to maintain your conditioning.  This week I'm putting my theory into practice. I ran last Friday and I will be running again this Friday. No running in-between.  The truth is I already can't wait to get back out there, but I know the time off will make the return much better and ultimately easier.  Running or any physical activity should not be drudgery but one of the high points in your daily routine.  It should be fun and rewarding.  I find the benefits to be not only physiological but psychological as well.  So, while I am enjoying my time off, I anxiously await Friday when I return to physical exertion and emotional well-being! 

Banquet update!!!!  At my last two coaching stops year-end banquets were held off-site.  Most often a local restaurant, but occasionally at a home.  When we did have an event in the school cafeteria it was simply a matter of "getting there".  I am still navigating the process at WHRHS.  I have dates on which the cafeteria is available.  I am now waiting for a information on a corresponding PAC date.  Different individuals oversee the use of each space apparently, and a technician must be on hand when the PAC is used.  Can you define "red tape?"  It will get done quickly I hope.  I'm ready, Ms. Moss is ready, awards are ready and Winter sports start on Monday.   We WILL "get there." When it is all together YOU will be the second to know.  Keep checking back  . . .

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