Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's Next?

Watching Mary Kietany's finish in the New York City Marathon looked a lot like Samantha Coletti's finish in yesterday's Patriot League Championship.  The 5' 2", 93 pound Kietany entered Central Park alone, and cruised to the victory.  A truly inspirational performance, it got me to go out and run for 60 minutes on my day off!  I hope none of you had the same reaction, you'll need your energy for tomorrow's workout for which we will have some course (Wrentham) specific training.  As many of you know Wrentham is a relatively fast course despite it rolling hills.  The running surface, grass/dirt, provides a good climbing surface and softens the impact on the way down. Our last two hill workouts were designed specifically with Wrentham in mind.  Tomorrow it will be more of the same near the Track with some modification. We will extend both the uphill and downhill sections but also extend the recovery distance and time between each. Specific details will be provided when we meet at 2:30.  For now focus on proper nutrition, hydration and rest.  You will need all three over the next two weeks to prepare you for EMass.  Many local high school runners circle the date for their divisional meets at the start of the season and make it their goal to participate in this event.  YOU now have that opportunity.  Make the most of it.  Prepare accordingly!! See you tomorrow . . .

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