Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday - January 28, 2016

Distance Crew:  Following our warm up, it will be an Easy run of 45 minutes, strides and stretching.  Tomorrow we'll be back on the Track . . . whatever snow is there will not impact what we have in mind.

All (Girls) :  Please consider the following candidates for Captain of the 2016-2017 Indoor Track & Field Team:

Carli Alexopoulos
Kaitlyn Amado
Camryn Boyce
Julia Donovan
Lauren Figueroa
Kelly Johnson
Olivia Morse
Lily Nolan
Nicole Norve
Lily Perkins
Olivia Reed
Alexandra Santos

You'll note the candidates will either be Seniors next year or Juniors with two years experience and participation on the Indoor Track and Field team.  Please let me know via text (781-367-8487) or e-mail (  ) the TWO candidates for whom you wish to cast votes.  Only one ballot can be submitted so please make sure your text or e-mail identifies you.   I heartily encourage any candidate to vote for herself if she feels she is worthy of the honor.  If any candidate listed has no interest in becoming a Captain please let me know and I will not consider votes cast for you.  Votes will be tallied February 20 following the All-State Championship Meet and an announcement will follow soon thereafter.

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