Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Cloudy and 39 between 2:00 and 4:00PM . . . not bad, but dress accordingly.  We are outside, no shorts!  Distance crew will have a shakeout run of 25 minutes, strides and stretch.  Tomorrow is Patriot League Meet #4 versus Duxbury, plan accordingly.

The Girls Performance List stands as follows with event "Captains" in bold type:

Mile:  Newman, Cosgrave

55H:  Craven, Puopolo, Regan, Clemens

55:  Alexopoulos, Burnett, McTernan, Santos
      Adams, Cassiano, Donovan, Flynn, Folco, Green, MacKinnon, Meagher,                                                     Montgomery, Moreau, H. Perkins, Puopolo

600:  L. Perkins, Morse, Hendriksen

1000:  Bui, Coletti, Haas, Johnson, Leitch

300:  Alexopoulos, Amado, Nolan, Boyce, Donovan

2 Mile:  Norve, Newcomb

4X200:  Nolan, Cassiano, Morse, Santos

4X400:  Newman, Perkins, Coletti, Norve

Shot Put:  Clemens, Figueroa, Amado

High Jump:  Reed, Morse, Cassiano

Long Jump:  Santos, Nolan, L. Perkins

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