Tuesday, March 29, 2016

TUESDAY - March 29, 2016

Yesterday's workout of 4 X 1200 was impressive.  Each of you ran well, and with fairly consistent times.  It was noted that a few improved dramatically within the workout, dropping his/her times by as much as 45 seconds.  Great job by all!  Tough core workout with Coach Berens followed, which may lead some of you to experience some discomfort today.  A good warm up should cure that however, and then it is off for an easy run of 40 minutes, followed by strides, stretching and field events.  I know a few, perhaps more, anticipate running two events (the limit) in meets. To help you gauge which events you feel you are capable of completing in one meet the order of running events follow:

400 Hurdles
4 x 100
100 Hurdles
2 Mile
4 x 400

Individual and team pictures will be taken of on Monday April 4.  Uniforms should be worn.  Those needing a uniform should remit $36.00 in cash or check payable to Steve George as soon as possible.  Please see me if you have any questions concerning our uniform policy.

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