Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kick-off to Cross Country Season

Pass the word . . . the Cross Country season begins now!  I always recommend a brief hiatus from running for those athletes who have completed his/her spring season.  The time off should be 10-14 days during which you should get out and enjoy other forms of exercise and gives those legs a much needed and well-deserved break.  We will be holding a meeting very soon to discuss summer training, our fall schedule, and other items of note.  In the meantime . . . for years in my own training I have most often driven to a location, exited my car, turned on my Runkeeper app, and tuned in to my Ipod or radio and started running.  More recently I have added a simple lunge matrix warmup routine which I have found to be helpful get me warmed up up quickly.  The you tube video for this routine can be found at the following link:

I hope you will try it out before heading out for a training run.  I found this video when researching various summer training programs, one of which I will present to you in the hope that you will prepare appropriately for the season ahead.  Obviously we have runners of various abilities and experience so the plan will take those factors into consideration.  Much will be expected of those with experience and the ability to handle the workload.  Others will start slowly, building up to levels that will have you ready to go when we open up at North Quincy on September 7.

For those reading this (and I know at this point not many are checking in) I would ask that you continue your recruitment efforts.  We need all the talent we can muster if we are to make a good showing in the fall.  I would also ask that you suggest to your teammates that they check in on the blog occasionally as there will be a lot of information posted during the summer months, most of which will be very relevant to the 2016 XC season.  Finally I would ask that each of you take a look at the following link:

Using the User Name and PIN below you can access the site.  This is the web application I used for many years to record summer training before coming to WHRHS . I believe it was a valuable tool and a major factor in the success of those teams. Each of you will be given your own USERNAME and PASSWORD and will be asked to record your summer training on ETRAXC.  Obviously, I can't enforce compliance with this request.  But in years past, this summer training tool was the basis for my team's entries to the Martha's Vineyard Invitational to be held this year on September 10th.  I know each of you is looking forward to that meet, but entry at this point is limited.  If we have more athletes than entries I will ask Mr. Rodgers for additional funding.  Ideally, I'd like to take the entire team.  (NOTE - Both the Varsity and JV run are 5ks.)

USER NAME: RunnerDemo
PIN: 4321

That's it for now.  There is a lot to digest already - but time may be limited at our meeting and if you have questions or concerns I want them answered/cleared up prior to completion of that meeting.  See you soon.

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