Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Phase 2 of your training, which follows approximately 4-5 weeks of steady, easy running, includes what Daniels call "controlled stress."  "Controlled stress" would include pick-ups inserted into your run, along with running on hilly terrain.  Mixing up the intensity of your workout will develop overall strength and running efficiency not to mention cardiovascular strength.  Choose your running routes with this type of training in mind.  A hilly route should include some downhills for speed and recovery.  You can continue to slowly increase your weekly mileage and time spent on those training runs.

Yesterday I took a look at possibilities for meets beyond our dual meet schedule.  I am not sure Martha's Vineyard is a realistic possibility as I am not confident we can have a Boys and Girls Varsity team ready to go.  (Note - the featured post to the right of this entry now has the first 7 weeks of the training plan shown.) The Ocean State and Brown University meets take place in Rhode Island in late September and Mid-October and may be better options after we return to school and see what we've got. The problem with out-of-state meets is that they require an additional level of approval from the School Committee which does not meet often and has many agenda items of greater importance when it does.

Strength and conditioning still takes place Tuesday and Thursday with the Captains in charge.  This week I believe we are moving the time back to 4:00 (NOW CONFIRMED!)  Core training, like running, is not something you want to jump into vigorously in August.  I know Coach Berens and Coach Richardson have some difficult routines planned for our daily core workouts once formal practice commences.  You do not have to wait until Tuesday or Thursday to core train.  Numerous apps are available if you need instruction or accompaniment.

August 25, our first day of formal practice is only 5, yes 5, weeks away.  Details on start times will be forthcoming.  I anticipate holding a time trial on or before our third practice in order to establish training groups and training paces.  Right now we are looking at three training groups based on current ability.  The plan is to have each training group work independently with one of our coaches each day.  The coaches will rotate and group members will be moved to another training group based on individual progress and results.

Additional uniforms have been ordered and will be available at our first practice.  The price for the singlet is now $37.00 for both boys and girls.  In addition, athletes will wear solid black shorts in meets throughout the season.  Plan ahead for these expenses.  It is important to note we do not hold any fundraising events.  Experience tells me parents or students ultimately contribute MORE through fundraising events than the cost of uniforms.  We have cut out the "middle man."  I purchase the uniforms and charge precisely what I pay for them.  If you, or your parents, have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please let me know.

Did he say 5 weeks?  Yes, he did!  We'd better get going!  Yes, we should!

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