Friday, August 5, 2016

Can you believe it?

Less than 3 weeks now until practice starts for real.  I'm doing my best to get ready.  Not only by putting together a completely new training plan, but by getting out there every day and running.  If you were on the team the past two years you may have noticed a similarity in the practice plans for 2014 and 2015.  2016 will be different.  I've changed things up a bit in my own running and this morning mentioned to Mrs. Coach I'd only taken one day off in the past three weeks.  Her response, "Who do you think you are, Lukas?"  No, I can no longer run with most of you kids, but I am trying to push myself a little harder in anticipation of asking many of you to do the same.  Yesterday I mentioned to the Strength and Conditioning participants that I have every intention of pushing the Boys team to achieve their potential.  There are a number of good runners currently on the team who feel they need to work harder.  Their opportunity will be presented August 25.   On the Girls side, much will be asked for as well, but for the most part you will train differently than the Boys giving consideration to potential health and performance issues (e.g. anemia, female athlete triad syndrome.)     Your training may be closer to that of the past two years which proved very successful for the ladies.  My goal is to bring out the best in all of you and achieve as much individual and team success as is practical.  My primary concerns will continue to center around your safety and well-being.

I've asked the Captains to let me know what Invitational meets they would like to participate in this year.  Invitational meets generally are limited in the number of participants that can be entered.  In this sport, objective criteria (the stopwatch) generally dictates which team members can be entered.  While the team has no cuts and everybody can participate in each Dual Meet, there are time and number restrictions on Invitationals.  You will all want to work hard to meet the criteria, I'm sure, but not everybody will be able to enter those meets.  As most of you know, EMass, the Eastern Massachusetts Divisional Championship, is held at the end of the season.  Only 7 team members can be entered into this race.  7 Boys, 7 Girls.  Again, the stopwatch will dictate who is entered.  This is the "World Series" of our season and given the importance of the event, I would hope all of you strive to be a "Top 7" runner.

Headed off to the weight room (Who do I think I am, Lukas?), another element of the training plan, along with core training, and of course, running.  I hope to see you on the road . . .

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