Friday, September 2, 2016

FRIDAY-MONDAY, Labor Day Weekend

Appropriately named I might add, because our plan is to work 3 of the next 4 days.  I will repeat what I said yesterday, specifically, that I know your families may have plans for the holiday weekend which include you and which may keep you from practice.  Please inform me at your earliest opportunity if you are unable to make any practice.  (TEXT:  781-367-8487)  Otherwise, we'll see you there.  The schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY 9/2 - Warm up @ 2:30
                      Easy paced run for all (varying distances/times)
                      6 X 60 Meter Strides

SATURDAY 9/3 - Warm up at 9:00AM (except those Boys who will meet me earlier)
                           35 Minutes of cruise intervals (5 Min Easy - 2 Min Hard X 5)
                           Strength and Conditioning (10 Minutes)
                           Abs (10 Minutes)
                           Stretch (10 Minutes)

MONDAY 9/5 - Warm up at 9:00AM
                        10 Min Jog (All)
                        Group 1 - 6 x 600
                        Group 2 - 6 x 400
                        10 Min Jog (All)
                        Abs (10 Mins)
                        Stretch (10 Min)

Looking ahead to Tuesday, a quick shakeout run (of varying distances), strides, abs, stretch, with an early departure.  And on Wednesday our first meet of the season versus Quincy/N. Quincy.  The bus will depart WHRHS at 2:15.  Please don't forget uniform money $37.00 (Tops only.)  Solid black shorts should be worn to all meets.

See you at 2:30 . . .

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