Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Strength Training and Running

For too many years I felt that running alone provided adequate preparation for any race in which I might compete.  Weight training, even body weight training, was not in vogue in my youth.  We worried that building muscle would build mass and ultimately weight gain which would slow us down rather that improve our speed.  In mid-life, with a little more time on my hands, I decided to incorporate upper body weight training into my regimen, and while I may have filled out a singlet a little better, I didn't notice any remarkable improvement in my results.  In fact, my times remained at a fairly stable level for a decade or so. But I came to enjoy the weight training as an older runner.  I learned it actually kept unwanted weight off, and if performed properly, helped my running.  As one gets older, it is inevitable you slow down.  I believe weight training extended my running life by 10-15 years.  During those years between 50 and 65, my times were consistent.  Remarkably consistent.  So, that said, here is my hypothesis.  While aging will result in slower running, supplementing your running with appropriate weight training can offset the decline. I believe runners in their youth will improve their results and reduce the likelihood of injury with appropriate total body weight training.  A good place to start can be found at the following link:


Why not give it a try?  I promise remarkable results with consistent effort.

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