Friday, July 12, 2019

Entering Week #6 of Base Training

You should continue to increase your base mileage by no more than 10% in the upcoming week, the final week of entirely EASY running.  Of course, if you have not been running that puts you 5+ weeks behind and you should probably refer back to the entry posted June 4.  Six weeks of easy training is an essential part of our program and if you wait to start when formal practice begins, you should be able to complete a workout in the week leading up to the Silver Lake meet scheduled for October 16th.

For those who have followed the plan, take note of how many miles you run next week.  Moving forward from there, that is the number of miles you'll be running each week until we start formal practice.  If you've reached the 50 mile plateau for example, you'll continue at 50 miles for 5 weeks. Also take note of your average EASY mile pace during the week (you'll need it below.)  The first change in your weekly routine will come with single workouts in weeks #7 and #8 in which you will substitute a 5 mile workout for 5 of those EASY base miles.  The workout is simple enough.  A mile warm up, 6 X 800 (run at a consistent pace, with adequate recovery of 4-6 minutes), and a mile cool down.

Approximate target 800 Time, based on your EASY Mile Pace is shown below:

800    EASY Pace
4:00      10:00
3:48        9:30
3:36        9:00
3:24        8:30
3:12        8:00
3:00        7:30
2:48        7:00
2:36        6:30

I'll continue to encourage your summer training, but that is really all I can do.  The success of our team hinges on what YOU, not I do this summer.  Taking a look ahead to our first five Patriot League meets I would suggest you get serious.  Soon!

Thanks to those who have been faithful to our Tuesday and Thursday weight room sessions. If YOU had been there you might have seen the page shown below stapled to the weight room wall.  A football posting, but a universal message.

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