Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Cross Country

This blog is, after all, a Cross Country blog, which is my way of explaining the absence over the past month.  While I may always be in XC mode, many of us are focused on Track & Field during the winter months.  But something is different this time around.  We never had our post-season soiree following our favorite season.  Oh, I tried.  The kids wanted something off campus so a date was determined and arrangements made for the Meadowbrook.  Unfortunately, response was tepid so I felt it best to postpone.  Some attributed the lack of interest to the approach of the Holiday season, while others thought it was the Patriots-Chiefs game.  Mrs. Coach said simply "people don't want to pay to hear you speak."  She may have been right about that, actually.  And so it is with that in mind that I have scheduled the Cross Country Awards Ceremony for Tuesday, February 11 in the school cafeteria at 6:00PM.  You won't have to worry about Christmas, you'll still have time for Valentine's Day gifting.  The football season is over. And this year don't worry about the cost, it's on me, and you won't have to hear me say all that much.  Rejoice!

The plan is this.  I'll need an accurate head count and I will have an adequate supply of pizza delivered.  I will also supply soft drinks/water for all.  I am also asking that the kids make the presentations of the awards.  I've already told some of the athletes what I am looking for.  Ideally, I will have sufficient volunteers to explain what each award represents and why it is being awarded (I'm happy to provide material).  I'd like to think we'll get to hear many of the student-athletes speak about their favorite topics - Cross Country and their teammates.  I am told there will a be special presentation made (no hints from me) and that a student has already stepped up for that one!  It should be a very interesting night.  The Awards which will be presented include the following for both Boys and Girls:

Most Improved Award (2)
Coach's Award (2)
Leader of the Pack Award (2)
Rookie-of-the-Year (2)
Commitment Award (4)
Scholar-Athlete Award (2)
MVP Award (2)

So, those interested in making presentations should let me know immediately and be able to keep a secret regarding the recipient(s.)  Text me at 781-367-8487 or email at stevegeo@post.harvard.edu .  I will reply immediately.  You are all part of a pretty tight group and nobody should fear making a brief presentation.  You should however fear me making many presentations.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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