Wednesday, October 28, 2015

League Meeting

As promised . . .

(1) Anybody wishing to run the League Meet on Saturday is able to do so.  The Varsity races are limited to 10 entries, the JV race is unlimited.  I will designate which race each athlete is entered into on tomorrow's blog entry.

(2) Congratulate Samantha Coletti, Abbie Newman and Lukas Moscoso as Patriot League All-Stars!  Well deserved!  Only 7 athletes from each 6 team division were selected and I think we got this right!!!  Additional All-Stars will be determined by Saturday's Patriot League Meet.  The top five finishers who were not voted in by the Coaches will be Patriot League All Stars!

(3) Team Sportsmanship Awards went to Hingham who we congratulate, but I am very impressed by your sportsmanship!!!!!  Individual Sportsmanship Awards for W-H go to Abbie Newman and Jack Ryan!  I can't think of better candidates.

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