Thursday, December 24, 2015


The results of Patriot League Meet #2 have been posted to and can be accessed via the following link (which you may have to cut and paste into your browser:)

As I head out for what may be termed a "preventive" run, i.e. a run which will prevent me from gaining weight this weekend (Mrs. Coach has left us nothing but high calorie, carbo loaded, fat filled options), I am again suggesting you take advantage of the warm temperatures and get out there for a long run (or a tempo run.)  Wear shorts while you can, it will be about 35 degrees when we reconvene on Monday.  But the good news is that if you look at the long range forecast, none of us will be skating on ponds this winter.  I can only hope that comes to pass!

I will undoubtedly wake up tomorrow morning to find Santa has left me some running related gifts.  After all, what else is there to get a guy who has everything else he needs?  I hope each of you finds something you need under the tree, but more importantly that you do a little something for someone who may not be so lucky.

Merry Christmas to all . . .

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