Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday - December 2, 2015

Today's Forecast - Rain,Drizzle 52 Degrees

I was pleased yesterday that we had some new faces among the Distance crew.  I anticipate additional new faces today.  My expectation is that out of this group will come our 2 Mile (3), 1 Mile (5) , 1000 (5), 600 (4), 4 X 400 (1 team of 4) and 4 X 800 (1 team of 4) runners.  (The number in parentheses represents the total entries allowed per team, per meet.)  On occasion some of you will "double up", that is run more than a single event at a meet, but more often than not you will be focusing on a single event each week.  You will however be prepared for any of the aforementioned events.

After a couple of days of "easy" running we will head to the track for some strength/speed work today. Following your warm up and some strides, all of you will  run 4 X 800 at 5K pace.  Some of our more experienced runners will also run 4 X 200 at Mile pace.  All will follow the workout with a brief core session and stretching.

XC BANQUET UPDATE - I've confirmed the school cafeteria for 6:00PM on Tuesday, December 8.  Following our fine dining experience (thank you Moms!!) we will head to the PAC for Sue Moss's video presentation and award presentations.  I promise to keep verbosity to a minimum and you should be out well before 8:00!

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