Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday, FEBRUARY 1, 2016 (and Ladies . . . Vote for Captains)

FEBRUARY 1????  Temperatures at or near 60 degrees?? What do you think we're doing???

It is almost as if Northern Florida has come to us for a week.  Perhaps you got out for a long run this weekend as suggested.  In keeping with my policy of not asking you to do anything I won't, I ran long yesterday.  However, today is one of those days that dictates a long, slow run.  Unfortunately, the trails are filled with water so we've got to stick to the streets but 45 minutes with strides and stretching is the plan.  Looking ahead for the rest of the week, there will be a track workout tomorrow and a shakeout run on Thursday.  Wednesday may be impacted by the weather but we'll be out there! Friday is the Patriot League Championship Meet at 4:30.  For most of you this is the first time you've had the opportunity to compete in a League Championship Meet.  (Previous years meets have been cancelled due to weather.)  It should be fun running against the best competition our league has to offer.  You'll be ready . . .

See you at 2:20.

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