Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TUESDAY, February 2, 2016

47 and Sunny is the forecast for today's practice.  Yesterday I indicated we would have a Track workout today, but I have had a change of heart.  Oh, we'll have a workout, but it will be on a 1/2 mile loop around the school.  Six loops, three miles.  Each loop will consist of 2 X .10Mile pickups and 2 X .15 recovery.  The .10 portions will be marked with orange cones.  One .10 segment will be uphill, the other segment will be flat.  Warm up on the Track, followed by a jog of the 1/2 mile loop, your workout, and stretch on the Indoor Track.

Thus far I have only 11 votes from the Ladies . . . you've got time, but I think it is important that every team member vote for next year's Captains.  Don't vote, don't gripe. Please urge your teammates to get involved in the process.

Announcement of Captains will be made at our year-end banquet which is in the developmental stages.  I've discussed plans with the Captains and I think we agree the event will take place the week of February 22, following the State Meet.  If you have any thoughts on this, please speak with this year's Captains; Abbie, Samantha or Jill.

See you at 2:20 . . .

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