Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tough Week . . .

The write-up provided to Media and Administration for our meet Friday reads as follow:

The Whitman-Hanson Girls Track & Field team (2-3) fell to Scituate High Friday afternoon at home 70-65.  Coming out of the field events Scituate held a commanding 40-14 lead, but first place finishes in the running events by Senior Captains Samantha Coletti (400 Hurdles-1:07, 800 - 2:23) and Abbie Newman (Mile - 5:37) along with Junior standout Alexandra Santos (100 - 13.03, 200 - 26.3) and Lillian Perkins-Reindorf (400 - 62.1) and Julia Cosgrave (2 Mile - 13:24) made it a close finish.
The loss brings the Girls record to 2 Wins - 3 Losses with one meet remaining versus a very talented Silver Lake team.  We will need all of you to step up  if we hope to win.  Scituate's narrow margin of victory yesterday was somewhat frustrating if only due to the fact I feel the results would have been different if we had not had a postponement due to weather.  But I am very happy with the performances by all of you and proud of your efforts.
I mentioned to most of you that I would post suggested workouts for the next few days.  As you know, the Boys were offered an incentive/reward of a day off on Monday with a victory over Scituate.  Congratulations to the Boys!  Because I don't want a practice to appear as punishment for a loss, the Girls have the day off as well.  There will be no formal practice.  However, I plan to be on the Track at 2:15 on Monday for a workout if any of you Distance runners (Boys and/or Girls) have nothing to do or want to prepare as a group for Silver Lake.  Your call.
That said, my suggestion for the three day weekend is for (1) a long run today or tomorrow -  I'm headed out for mine immediately following this post, and (2) a speed workout on Monday with 10 minute warm up and cool down jogs with 8 - 1 minute hills (e.g. tennis courts to the apex of the driveway.)   Remember to stretch following each!
Tuesday will be an Easy day in anticipation of our Wednesday meet with Silver Lake.  If you do nothing over the next three days with a shake out run on Tuesday your performances will suffer, as will our results.  You can probably find 100 reasons for not running this weekend.  I can think of one important reason for doing so . . . pride.

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