Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wednesday, May 19, 2016

Following yesterday's meet, the following summary was provided to the media and Administration:

The Whitman-Hanson Girls Track and Field Team (2-4) suffered a tough loss at home today versus Silver Lake 71-60.  Down 45-9 following Field Events, the Panther runners made it close.  Double winners were Senior Captain Samantha Coletti (400 Hurdles - 67.9 and 800 - 2:19) and Junior Alexandra Santos (100 - 13.1 and 400 - 62.3.)  Other winners included Lily Nolan (200 - 26.8), Abbie Newman (2 Mile - 12:32) and Julia Cosgrave (Mile 6:00.)

It's days like this when I wish I worked at the school and had a better opportunity to recruit.  I know there are kids who could impact our program who spend their afternoons doing other things or wishing they had something to do.  What you do is work, but at the end of the day you should be proud of your accomplishments.  I honestly feel bad for young people who don't take advantage of the opportunity to experience that.

I will continue to be a "glass is half full" thinker.  I am optimistic about the future of you, our team, and our sport.  I'll continue to promote it as best I can, but I must ask for your help as well.  If you have had a positive experience, share it with your friends and classmates.  Put the challenge out there.  You know it can be difficult.  But it's worth it, is it not?  When I was a high school sophomore I wanted to play football but I was aware that I would not play much.  Rather than sit on the bench, I ran Cross Country where I never sat on the bench.  I returned to football the next year, but eventually returned to running as a young man and, as you  know, continue to this day.  I can't imagine, and don't even want to consider, what life would have been like had I not become a runner.  And while I dread the day I will have to stop, I will forever be grateful for the high school experience that brought me back years later.  

Today, it will be 40 minutes easy for the distance crew, with strides and stretch to follow.  I am told Lifetouch Photos will be here today, so if you have a uniform with you, wear it.  If you don't, see me after school.  I will also have the entries for the Patriot League Meet and the D2 Meet posted at that time.

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