Friday, June 10, 2016


Special thanks to those of you who volunteered for the Hanson Public Library community service opportunity June 24th.  Please remember to e-mail Kate Godwin at   to get additional information and to let her know you'll be there.  There will be other opportunities this year, and our team policy is that every member of the team perform some community service each season.  This particular opportunity involves younger children, reading and running and should be fun.

Thanks also to those who attended our meeting yesterday.  I was not entirely disappointed with the attendance since the meeting was only announced via the blog.  Copies of the handout you received are available in the XC mailboxes outside the gym entrance.  Please pass the word to anybody who may be interested.  Don't wait for people to ask you about XC, let them know about XC!

I will be attending information meetings at both the Whitman and Hanson Middle Schools next week in the hopes of getting some young(er) talent to the team.  My job is to let those 8th graders know that work can be fun and rewarding.  Our sport does not appeal to all.  Some are drawn to less arduous endeavors, others to the more glorified games.  But I hope to convey what you and I know.  Specifically that XC can be the most rewarding activity if the effort, determination and commitment are there.

I've sent out out ETRAXC User IDs and Passwords to those who signed up yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing entries soon.  Any questions . . . I'm here!

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