Tuesday, August 23, 2016

If you intend on participating . . .

I just received an updated roster from Mr. Rodgers which was accompanied by his mandate that if your name is not on the list you CAN NOT participate until it is.  This means you MUST complete the Parents Permission Slip available at whathletics.com .  The following ARE listed:

BOYS:  Allen, Bowden, Bukow, Burns, Coletti, Moscoso, Newman, Pulkinen, Ryan, Solari, Tyrie, Uva, Wallace, Watson, Wilson, Zalewski, Zaniewski

GIRLS:  Boss, Boyce, Brown, Carleton, Cosgrave, Craven, Daly, Donovan, Jacobs, McDonough, Morse, Navicky, Norve, Perkins, Pinney, Rooney, Ryan, Wilson, Zaniewski

Again, if your name is NOT shown above and you intend on participating Thursday in Cross Country you MUST register first.  If any of you know of a student who falls into this category please let them know.

And once more a reminder that everybody must have a current physical and all Freshmen must submit a copy to the Coach on Thursday before practice.

The very last thing I want to do is to tell a student he/she can not participate because the proper documentation has NOT been submitted.  Obviously I must comply with the rules in order to insure the safety of each athlete.  I will attempt to greet everybody as they arrive to insure they are on the roster AND have a current physical. Thank you for your cooperation.

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