Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

As I write all of you are in your 2nd period class . . . WELCOME BACK!  Today XC returns to its regularly scheduled practice time of 2:30 at our customary meeting spot.  We may warm up however on the grass beyond the baseball field near the javelin runway.  While I had given thought to complaining about the soccer players use of the track for stowing its gear, and even thought about their reaction if we put our things in the middle of the turf, the truth is we don't really need the Track for XC.  Actually, the more time you spend on the grass, the better.

Yesterday's practice for our most experienced runners went extremely well with many of those kids running the equivalent of 6:00-6:15 miles over the .7 and .9 mile distances.  They will have an Easy run today of 40-60 minutes depending upon weather conditions at 2:30, followed by strength and conditioning drills, abs and stretching. Coach Berens will accompany the Girls, the Boys will run independently.

For the groups that worked with Coach Richardson and Coach Berens yesterday, you will be remain on school grounds and will have a workout which will include repeats of .6 Miles followed by strength and conditioning drills, abs and stretching. You will again be working with Coach Richardson along with Coach George.

If there is any drawback to running at Whitman-Hanson it is not having nearby trails or shady areas on which to practice.  This time of year the running is difficult in the sun and heat, I know.  While I am not a geological engineer, I am confident there is adequate space within the property on which the school is built to construct an XC trail.  I couldn't calculate the cost of such a project, but somewhere down the road when you have achieved fame and fortune (or acquired the necessary construction equipment) you might want to consider a (presumably) tax deductible donation to help out the next generation of runners!  For now, don't forget the sunscreen . . .

See you at 2:30.

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